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Abstract—We investigated spatio-temporal information processing in the primate motor system. Corticomotoneuronal (CM) cells provide monosynaptic excitatory connections from motor cortex to spinal motoneurons and contribute causally to the time-varying electromyogram (EMG) of their target muscle. A multilayer perceptron (MLP) was used to evaluate the transfer function between neural activity of single CM cells and their […]

Abstract – We have developed and tested a novel artificial neural network for the processing of temporal signals. The working of the units (TempUnit) is based on the mechanism of temporal summation as observed in biological neurons. Its particularity is to adapt its basis function by supervised learning. The model was tested on cortical and […]

Depuis mai 68, où sous les pressions étudiantes qui affichaient un certain mépris des conventions, cette cérémonie avait été supprimé. Nous assistons aujourd’hui à un certain retour à des valeurs traditionnelles.