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download : chapter-x_english 1. Introduction Formal neural networks have many applications. Applications of control of tasks (motor control) as well as speech generation have a certain number of common constraints. We are going to see seven main constraints that a system based on a neural network should follow in order to be able to produce […]

Abstract—We investigated spatio-temporal information processing in the primate motor system. Corticomotoneuronal (CM) cells provide monosynaptic excitatory connections from motor cortex to spinal motoneurons and contribute causally to the time-varying electromyogram (EMG) of their target muscle. A multilayer perceptron (MLP) was used to evaluate the transfer function between neural activity of single CM cells and their […]

Le réfrigérateur est utilisé pour rallonger « la vie » de vos aliments et une nouvelle étude suggère qu’un principe similaire pourrait également prolonger votre propre vie. Les chercheurs ont trouvé que baisser la température du corps d’une souris de juste 0.5°C étend leurs vies d’environ 15%. La seule méthode précédemment prouvée pour rallonger la vie d’un […]